Are you too nice?

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Are you a Nice Guy?

Nice Guys...

  • Do nice things for women hoping they will be attracted to them

  • Strive to lead a smooth, problem-free life

  • Think that any kind of emotional tension or conflict is bad

  • Are afraid to express themselves for fear of being rejected

  • Frequently get stuck in procrastination and perfectionism

  • Feel like they’re not good enough

Does this sound like you?

The 10 Reasons Why Every Nice Guy Needs a Coach to Win in Life


I was doubtful of the whole process… Wildly, wildly skeptical. Like [Jason was] a tarot card reader. I felt like spending money and hiring a coach wouldn’t help. I wanted everyone to think I was I had that all taken care of. I didn’t want to admit there was a problem. I didn’t believe a coach such as Jason could have adequately addressed my issue…

My anxiety is reduced now. I don’t feel like I’m doing this alone. I feel excited and on purpose. Jason has helped me with my career too. I realize now that I’m no different than anybody else. You can get whatever you want. I feel in control…

I would absolutely recommend Jason for coaching. I worked with Dr. Glover too. That was great, but Jason has all the knowledge and makes things easier to process and easier to relate to."

-- C. Knight, North Carolina, USA

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