Note: Long form testimonials are transcribed from audio interviews, edited for readability, and approved by the client before publishing. Because our work is very personal, their anonymity must be maintained. Some of my successful clients occasionally make themselves available to speak with prospective clients before making a decision to work with me. If you’re interested, click here to set up a call with me to take the next step.


C. Knight

I was doubtful of the whole process… Wildly, wildly skeptical. Like [Jason was] a tarot card reader.

I felt like spending money and hiring a coach wouldn’t help. I wanted everyone to think I was I had that all taken care of. I didn’t want to admit there was a problem. I didn’t believe a coach such as Jason could have adequately addressed my issue.

What kept me going was the connection we had. Jason wasn’t surprised by anything I said. He related to everything. The results just went from there. Before I thought I was destined for scraps. Nothing.

I got to see my divorce more realistically. I discovered issues that were happening that I was absolutely blind to for five years. That was an eye opener. Breaking me out of my own blinders was huge. That's a major result. I'd say that was more rewarding than hooking up with women.

I learned how I was living out of control in somebody else's world. I was being manipulated and not living my own life, not being true to myself. I accepted my situation because that's what I deserved. Then I broke free to be who I am and live my own life which I hadn't done before. I gained a renewed sense of confidence. And then as I processed things with Jason, I realized, holy smokes! I'm just sort of naturally inviting positive things. I’m starting to realize that all this stuff we've been talking about is starting to happen naturally which is pretty cool.

I have gained an excitement to live. I have more control over my life and what I do. I realize that I have a say. Things are easier than I'd been making them out to be. I look forward to our meetings and building on what I’ve learned. With all that comes less anxiety and I feel less out of control.

Everything I said Jason quickly related to and then he had me look at it another way. He was always easy to talk to. And Jason always seemed to get what I was trying to say. Everything I said to him was turned into a way to grow for me. He’s very straightforward and doesn’t let me get away with anything. And I appreciate his flexibility.

Jason’s feedback is fantastic. It was probably the most valuable thing because I wouldn't have to wait two weeks for a session for something pressing. It felt very real time.

My anxiety is reduced now. I don’t feel like I’m doing this alone. I've gotten more comfortable navigating basic, day-to-day stuff like being in crowds. I feel excited and on purpose. Jason has helped me with my career too. Again, it goes back to just more feeling of control. It's about being more proactive, not reactive. I realize now that I’m no different than anybody else. You can get whatever you want. I feel in control.

I would absolutely recommend Jason for coaching. I worked with Dr. Glover too. That was great, but Jason has all the knowledge and makes things easier to process and easier to relate to.

Jason is a professional who is dedicated to his craft, and that comes through in every session. I knew right off the bat this guy takes it seriously. This isn't bullshit. He's not just trying to do this on the side. I've always felt that way. It’s the professionalism. Hands down.

Coaching with Jason is a great value especially when you see the results. Jason is willing to do what makes sense. He’s not rigid about it. He treats each case individually to get the best results. Jason is very present when I'm talking. It's like he’s working with me and there are no distractions. We have never ended the session short with nothing else to do. That's the professionalism.

Jason K.

When I decided to hire Jason, it was because he appeared to provide the solution for what I needed. There was a little bit of peer pressure against it, but after some discussion about the cost versus benefit of it, I went ahead and jumped in and gave it a shot.

Based on the first few questions that Jason asked me, it became obvious to me that I was not communicating clearly to other people and I wasn’t able to formulate what I wanted for myself clearly at all. So that made me realize that I could definitely use some one-on-one coaching. I also needed Jason’s help to get through the divorce I'm currently in.

The most prominent thing I found was that I am not as clear on my expectations or wants and desires as I should be. The other thing that I really appreciated and found to be valuable was the ability for me to work through specific scenarios with Jason. He prompted me to think about my responses to questions or complicated scenarios that were presented by my ex-wife. That's probably the most valuable thing. When dealing with somebody as strong or as narcissistic as she is, it's easy me to get wrapped around the axle with my responses.

The best thing that I got from coaching with Jason was help through these specific interactions. In my work with Jason, I got a lot of peace of mind while dealing with my ex’s narcissistic behaviors. Jason’s ability to evaluate things for me really helped my thought process.

I definitely felt the prompting Jason gave me to communicate more clearly with the women that I became involved with was extremely helpful. It definitely made it easier for me to solve the problems that came up. Jason pushed me to be more up front and ask the difficult questions early. Both women I dated were very appreciative of that. I would definitely take that with me into any future exchanges with other women.

I appreciated Jason’s analysis of conversations and text messages. But more importantly I appreciated the way he was direct and held me accountable for what I would say to other people. I felt that that was the most beneficial in the long run. Jason didn't give me any slack. I'm stoked about that part of it. We really drove down into my underlying desires and what I really was trying to achieve. These were things that I wasn't really clear about. I think Jason’s intensity about getting to the bottom things is really good.

Analyzing behaviors is definitely one of the benefits of Jason’s coaching. It definitely helped me be more confident in dealing with problems in relationships. And I’ve improved my ability to clearly articulate my desires.

Jason has the ability to be available via text for emergencies or email for things that aren't emergencies. This is a higher level of availability than a normal therapist. Jason created more of a personal relationship with me that helped me move forward. This was better than sitting in a chair in a specific time slot where you talk and are not really pushed. The follow up with the exchanges during the week to see if I was making progress was really helpful.

I would definitely recommend Jason’s coaching to people who are not confident in who they are or what they want. Jason’s coaching is helpful for people who have relationship issues with people with very dominant personalities. I would also recommend Jason to people having trouble in their dating world.

John K.

I was evaluating Jason from his videos and as well as podcasts. I was already working with another coach. So I wanted to see what Jason could give that was different than any other coach.

After working with Jason I found that my views of the world were an illusion. And I don't think I was in reality totally until we started to work together. I started to learn a new approach to life and the mindset of non-judgment. I learned about moving through my emotions instead of wrestling with them. And then I can let go of the outcome. The biggest thing for me is my new mindset, a new way of approaching life.

When I started out with Jason I was very judgmental and I am still judgmental. I have to work on that daily. Jason helped me learn how to stop being so damned judgmental of myself as well as other people.

I learned how to be okay with that feelings that come up. Oftentimes I get anxiety. I think that I'm not going to be able to live through that moment. But I can live through that moment if I just go through the emotion instead of trying to wrestle with emotion. Ultimately I do survive these moments. Whatever the outcome ends up being is OK for me now. I can let things happen the way they're going to happen.

I’m learning how to date. I’m learning things about relationships that I had no clue on. I used to think that dating was all about what you see on TV. You fall in love and all that. I've learned it's much different than that actually. It's almost evolutionary. It's just a totally different way of looking at it for me.

I’m looking at women in a totally different way where people don't put them on pedestals. Through the practices Jason has taught me, practicing non-judgment is everything. I’m starting to see some good things come about from my relationships with women. And I can be OK with who I am.

The journaling process has been critical to my success. I do the journaling every night. It helps me get things down on paper so that I'm not carrying them in my head. When I get it all down on paper I can process it better. We meet every two weeks to discuss that stuff and we always have a lot to go over. I have learned a lot from that. All of the feedback and comments that Jason responds back to me with is great. In between our meetings I can process everything. I can think about those a-ha moments. Those a-has are helping me to understand people better. It helps me better understand myself as a human being. It helps me continually grow.

Jason gets right in there and is willing to slug it out with me. He’s good at figuring out what’s going on. He helps me understand myself better. He works with me to resolve all these different issues and how to reprocess all the information.

Another huge thing is that he’s teaching me is a whole different way of life. And ultimately that's really great. He’s helping me to liberate myself from my beating myself up with my thoughts so I can be free to live the life that I dreamed of. We’ve made a lot of progress.

I would definitely recommend Jason's coaching because it is very interpersonal. It's custom to me. It's custom to what's going on inside of me. It's not something you buy as a kit. It’s not a canned program for hundreds and hundreds of people. No, this is custom to me. This is what I needed to develop and grow so I can feel free and become a better person.

I didn't realize just how much a lot of my emotions were paralyzing me from living the life that I wanted. I almost wanted to give up earlier this week because of something that happened, but I knew I couldn't. If I did let that fear ultimately control me, then I would wonder on that death bed why I didn't do something about it. Jason's helping me to live. He's helped me to get to that fulfilling life I've always dreamed of.

G. H. 

I wasn't sure if I needed Jason's expertise, I didn't know if it would be any good and let's face it; there are a bunch of other things I could use the money for. However, I was mistaken, Jason pointed out things I didn't know that I was doing wrong, he helped me with my approach anxiety and I am grateful. I recommend his services to everybody, even the experienced ones who rarely fail.

Charles G.

Jason isn't about a "formula" approach to life coaching. He took the time to listen to me, to my specific issues and my unique concerns about where I was at in my life. He helped me to zero in on the areas that were of the utmost priority, that I wasn't necessarily aware of. He had the knowledge and expertise to identify areas that needed immediate focus, and was able to convey to me that once I got my real priorities together, the other elements would fall into place.

Throughout the process, Jason's concern was on my mental and emotional health and well-being. He was able to develop creative ideas for all areas of my life, from business to relationships. He helped me see what the real issues in my life were, and designed concrete, practical steps to resolve them.

All in all, it's been a small investment for a wealth of progress and growth. I'm proud to call Jason my coach.

Rob R.

I have had a thoroughly positive and transformative experience while working with Jason. I have reached a point where I feel a level of confidence and clarity that I could never have imagined before. I have overcome my issues with anxiety and learned how to manage it without the help of anti-anxiety medication, which was causing numerous side effects and affecting my quality of life. My relationships and love life have improved dramatically, and I am able to be present and healthy in my interactions with others in a way I never could before. I have achieved a better understanding of myself, gained the ability to set and hold boundaries and express myself more clearly, and learned to truly love and accept myself exactly the way I am.

I credit Jason with providing the guidance and wisdom that set me on this path toward self-mastery and helping me to discover the inner strength to become the best version of myself. Jason's coaching has changed my life for the better, and I believe he has what it takes to do the same for many others.

Luis O.

 Within the time that you have coached me, I have felt that as a person I have grown tremendously. I was the type of person that was very analytical, afraid of approaching, and always trying to impress people to get validation. Within our time together you have helped me become a better version of myself and grow my confidence tremendously in my social life, how to keep in touch with the new people in my life either personally or professionally. I now expect no outcomes going out, I am making new friends through events that I enjoy doing, hosting events with my new friends, I am able to set boundaries, and confront people as well more confidently and stick to my boundaries. I enjoy our time together and I would recommend you to a friend who needs a life coach or in a search of one. 

Paul R.

Jason is very perceptive and has a lot of good advice to impart. He uses what he learned from Dr. Glover, other professionals and therapists, his own experiences, and a remarkable intuition. He gets right to the heart of the problem without wasting precious time trying to be delicate. If you need advice now, call Jason. He has helped me immensely, and I am thankful to have met and worked with him.