C. K.

[Jason,] Your guidance and intuition on breaking out of dysfunctional nice guy patterns has honestly been one of the most eye opening and liberating experiences of my life. I know you’re looking for constructive criticism, but to me your coaching in your field has been spot on, and I’m not just being a nice guy! I would say one thing I have appreciated the most is your honest feedback to specific issues. Rather than tell the client what they want to hear, it seems that you say what the client needs to hear. It’s going to take time to truly adopt these principles within my identity, but I have gained a full understanding of the direction I need to go to become a fully integrated male that Dr.Glover talks about.

G. H. 

I wasn't sure if I needed Jason's expertise, I didn't know if it would be any good and let's face it; there are a bunch of other things I could use the money for. However, I was mistaken, Jason pointed out things I didn't know that I was doing wrong, he helped me with my approach anxiety and I am grateful. I recommend his services to everybody, even the experienced ones who rarely fail.

Charles G.

Jason isn't about a "formula" approach to life coaching. He took the time to listen to me, to my specific issues and my unique concerns about where I was at in my life. He helped me to zero in on the areas that were of the utmost priority, that I wasn't necessarily aware of. He had the knowledge and expertise to identify areas that needed immediate focus, and was able to convey to me that once I got my real priorities together, the other elements would fall into place.

Throughout the process, Jason's concern was on my mental and emotional health and well-being. He was able to develop creative ideas for all areas of my life, from business to relationships. He helped me see what the real issues in my life were, and designed concrete, practical steps to resolve them.

All in all, it's been a small investment for a wealth of progress and growth. I'm proud to call Jason my coach.

Rob R.

I have had a thoroughly positive and transformative experience while working with Jason. I have reached a point where I feel a level of confidence and clarity that I could never have imagined before. I have overcome my issues with anxiety and learned how to manage it without the help of anti-anxiety medication, which was causing numerous side effects and affecting my quality of life. My relationships and love life have improved dramatically, and I am able to be present and healthy in my interactions with others in a way I never could before. I have achieved a better understanding of myself, gained the ability to set and hold boundaries and express myself more clearly, and learned to truly love and accept myself exactly the way I am.

I credit Jason with providing the guidance and wisdom that set me on this path toward self-mastery and helping me to discover the inner strength to become the best version of myself. Jason's coaching has changed my life for the better, and I believe he has what it takes to do the same for many others.

Luis O.

 Within the time that you have coached me, I have felt that as a person I have grown tremendously. I was the type of person that was very analytical, afraid of approaching, and always trying to impress people to get validation. Within our time together you have helped me become a better version of myself and grow my confidence tremendously in my social life, how to keep in touch with the new people in my life either personally or professionally. I now expect no outcomes going out, I am making new friends through events that I enjoy doing, hosting events with my new friends, I am able to set boundaries, and confront people as well more confidently and stick to my boundaries. I enjoy our time together and I would recommend you to a friend who needs a life coach or in a search of one.